A Mistaken Portrait


The Mistaken Portrait of Marie Antoinette

        Five years passed and I’m still a huge Marie-Antoinette fan. I admit, I am a maniac when it comes to her. I don’t know why but I’m just smitten by her beauty.


        Last week, I am scanning my timeline in Facebook and guess what I’ve found! Indeed.. a sad story! The portrait above is said to be Marie-Antoinette’s sister, Maria Josepha. The painting is currently in the  Schönbrunn Palace and now bearing the plate of ‘Maria Josepha’.


         I found it sad cause you know, I’ve bought TWO books about Marie-Antoinette who have this portrait as its cover.. SHAME!!


       But I think she really was that because MA is a lot more prettier than her..



The Archduchesse Maria Josepha


            Decide yourself then…



Marie-Antoinette (This is the miniature sent to the Dauphin Louis-Auguste)


   Au revoir ! See you in the next post :))

Portrait of the Legendary Queen Barbara Radziwill

I don’t know about this girl but… yeah, she’s famous.

                     Hello fellow History maniacs!

                Well yep, this is my very first post so I don’t really know what to say but I have a very interesting topic in mind.

           NOTE: I don’t know why I join this site.. but I guess I was smitten by my friend’s own blog site.. Well yeah, she do fashion, girl’s stuff .. Well, not that I don’t like it it’s just that.. there’s more to LIFE than fashion.. Anyways, before I get hates….

     For love is for the paupers and not for the great kings. 

                  I made that up, okay? Not borrowed from someone famous. Okay so here how it goes.

                 As Facebook gets really boring lately, I tried to do something else. I’m a big fan of the ‘Royal’ so I decided to camped in this site http://en.wikipedia.org.. Yes, I admit.. I love WIKIPEDIA.. Haters gonna hate.

                 Out of curiosity, I bumped in with a Hapsburg Princess, the one named Elisabeth of Austria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisabeth_of_Austria_(1526-1545)) Well, you read it yourself.. I don’t want to narrate something as TRAGIC as her story.. Moving on…

             I was smitten with this part of her biography,

Throughout the duration of marriage Sigismund betrayed his wife by taking a mistress Barbara Radziwill.

          So I look for the whore. (I’m mad.. sorry for the term ‘WHORE’ .. ooops, did it again!)

The Whore (Oooops, sorry.. did it again ^^, v)

So here’s what Wikipedia (and slightly, Google) gave me.. She’s rather deformed but who’s noticing? And besides, when it comes to portraiture, the artist emphasize the ASSETS and not the REAL CONTOURS of the face. Damn…



    Stop, I don’t want to sympathize with this woman..

   Describe to be ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN EUROPE, Wikipedia (tehee) told me that,

She was tall for her times (162 cm, or 5′ 4″), with a slim, shapely body,blonde hair and even white teeth. Moreover, Barbara had an interest in fashion and cosmetics; she used perfumes and face powder

    So I guess, by our modern standards, she will not be THAT hot but what do we know about taste of men? We’re just women…

   Back to the topic 🙂

  Well, she interest me.

   That’s it.

   That’s why I wrote this.

Here’s some photos , I mean PORTRAITS of the Queen..

The King Sigismund and the Queen Barbara in a Promising Pose 🙂

The Queen in her Robes (I don’t know anything about the CROWN)

The King Sigismund, shame 🙂

The Queen in her death bed

So Barbara, only enjoying 152 days being Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania, suddenly died. It was said that she was poisoned by her mother-in-law (ahh, sounds familiar?) the dominant Bona Sforza but who knows? and finally, who cares?


She earned a lot of enemies because she choose to marry the man she loves and by her death, (because she was also suspected of poisoning Elisabeth of Austria), a turmoil ended.










I don’t know about you, but I’m FABULOUS. (B*tch laugh!)
CIAO for now.. 🙂

Greetings from Lithuania and Poland! 🙂