A Mistaken Portrait


The Mistaken Portrait of Marie Antoinette

        Five years passed and I’m still a huge Marie-Antoinette fan. I admit, I am a maniac when it comes to her. I don’t know why but I’m just smitten by her beauty.


        Last week, I am scanning my timeline in Facebook and guess what I’ve found! Indeed.. a sad story! The portrait above is said to be Marie-Antoinette’s sister, Maria Josepha. The painting is currently in the  Schönbrunn Palace and now bearing the plate of ‘Maria Josepha’.


         I found it sad cause you know, I’ve bought TWO books about Marie-Antoinette who have this portrait as its cover.. SHAME!!


       But I think she really was that because MA is a lot more prettier than her..



The Archduchesse Maria Josepha


            Decide yourself then…



Marie-Antoinette (This is the miniature sent to the Dauphin Louis-Auguste)


   Au revoir ! See you in the next post :))


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