Marie Antoinette: Early Years


Marie Antoinette: The Hated Queen

      I don’t know why every time I read the history of this fair woman I always end up crying. I get too attached with her to the point that I can’t stop thinking about her. By the way, I can actually tell you her SAD story without looking at any written biographies about her.

Early Years

      So apparently, most of us know that Marie-Antoinette was born within the realm of the Holy Roman Empire. Her mother was the scary , oh I mean, the powerful monarch, Maria Theresa of Austria.. (The King, I repeat, the KING of Hungary and Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empress)


Note: I’ll never give basic information although I knew that as well.. She was born on November 2, 1755 after the destructive earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal. 



Maria Antonia, 1755

 The new born! 🙂



Maria Antonia  

 Gonna post some other time.. Kinda sleepy.. continue this, folks. 🙂


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