My Favorite Portraits, SHARED! (Part 1)


        Everyone of us love certain things… Everyone! So here’s mine!



kawaii folks! v^_^


The Governess

      I saw this at a friend’s FB account.. Thanks, Antoinette! 🙂


Madame Barbe Korsakov

      Kinda remind me of Queen Alexandra of Great Britain and a certain portrait of Sissi (Elisabeth, Holy Roman Empress). Although the Russian noblewoman is kinda shapely, I still like this portrait.. It is unique, if you know what I mean.. 🙂



      Well, they are pretty to look at. So, why not?



Antoine, Archduchesse (Miniature) 

      The actual miniature send to Dauphin Louis-Auguste de France… Ah, I can smell love in here..



The Prince Octavius of Great Britain  

      The young son of King George III of Great Britain. He died at the age of four. He was good looking and charming.. I love the cheeks:P



Margarita Theresa of Spain  

    I love the Habsburg jaw and everything about her. I love her sweet nature and I admire her love to her father..



The Princess Augusta of Great Britain  

     Such mysterious eyes! 🙂



Le Reine Marie Antoinette Famille

      One of the best rococo painting I’ve ever seen. Painted by Madame Elisabeth Le Brun.



Felipe Prospero, Principe de Asturia

      The boy with the sad fate.. An heir to the throne of Spain.. wasted.. 😦 (by the way, Diego Velasquez did this)


Infantin Gretl von Spanien  

       Painted by Diego Velasquez and sent to Emperor Leopold I, the husband-to-be (and uncle by the way) of the young Margaret Theresa.. I love the metallic blue? 🙂 and the wool hanky..



Catalina Micaela de Austria  

      I can’t believe that THIS painting came from the 17th century.. dumbfounded… It almost looks like modern for me..


and the last of Part 1,



A Lost Van Dyck  

      This is a lost Van Dyck portrait.. and now, it is found! 🙂

      I love Van Dyck’s works especially those sitting of Queen Henrietta Maria of France..


Bye for now! 🙂



kawaii 🙂


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