The Middle Ages


Queen Eleonor of Aquitaine

      It’s been quite awhile since the last time I wrote in here.. Well, I have other things to consider and besides.. I don’t have any followers here cause of my unusual interest.. (I have a boyfriend now!)

      Okay so let me see.. there are a lot of questions in the internet concerning the life of princesses in the middle ages so I am about to give you a SIMPLE.. let me repeat, a SIMPLE summary..


Cordelia leaving her father’s court (King Lear- Shakespeare tragedy)


The role of a princess in medieval times was not a glamorous one, as they were used to form alliances between countries. They were told who to marry by their parents, in order to form these alliances. The male would often have a kingdom of his own and the princess was expected to obey him and have impeccable manners at all times. The Medieval period ran from 1066, when the Normans conquered to the beginning of the reign of the Tudors in 1485. During this period women were expected to be respectful to all male members of their family, and failure to do so was seen as a crime against religion. Those women who did not obey the men were often beaten. Medieval princesses were expected to dress smartly and were often sent to the family of the person they were expected to marry at an early age to learn how to behave and dress correctly. This could happen when the princess was just 7 or 8 years old. Medievalprincesses were effectively slaves to the men around them, and they were only in charge of governing servants. They were taught needlework, languages, hunting and entertaining. They could occasionally become queens in their own right, as in the case of Matilda and Elizabeth the First. The princess had to appear to be wealthy, as they were advertising the kingdom they were part of to other kingdoms and this role was to be achieved alongside her other duties, which included bearing children to her husband, to carry on the family name.


       According to my own understanding, being a princess in the medieval era is something you will REGRET.. (but if you’re a masochist… well, we will let you have your way!)

      Women during those times didn’t have the thing we called “FREEDOM” that we sometimes abuse. They must always follow their parents’ every whims and desire especially if it will help to elevate the position of their kingdoms. They also tend to accept every mistreatment from their Lord-husband unlike us who can sue our husband when they mistreat us. They don’t have the opportunity to rule because men those days think that they are incapable and weak. 


      So children, be happy that you didn’t live in this era!


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