Tribute to Sir John Everett Millais


Sir John Everett Millais

      I was scanning Google for my latest collection of portraits when I bumped into Sir Millais’ works. He was an English painter and illustrator and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. (

      He was accepted at the Royal Academy of Arts at the age of 19.

Here are some of his paintings..


Huguenot Lovers at St. Bartholomew’s Day

   Note: To those who don’t know anything about St. Bartholomew’s Day, it is the bloody massacre directed towards the Huguenots or French Calvinist Protestants during the French War of Religions. Time of Henri IV of France. For more information, check this out.. (’s_Day_massacre)

     He was famous for these collection of Huguenots love affair.



The Proscribed Royalist, 1651

      This paintings portrays lovers; one was hiding in a cave-like root of a tree kissing the woman’s hand while she, on the other hand look about her environment in case of spies..



The Black Brunswicker


      This painting portrays a young woman and a fighter for Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

Note: The Brunswickers’ were defeated.



St. Bartholomew’s Day


And he also painted several saintly portraits..


The Return of the Dove in the Ark


The Eve of St. Agnes      

He also painted a TRIBUTE TO VELASQUEZ


      This painting is a tribute for Diego Velasquez, a renowned Baroque painter at the court of Philip IV. The child in the portrait was Infanta Marghareta Teresa of Spain..



The Boyhood of Raleigh


The Princes in the Tower

     This painting portrays the fate of the Princes Edward (more known as Edward V of England) and Richard during their stay at the Tower of London. The two prince mysteriously disappeared.



Lorenzo and IsabellaText

      This is from the Tragedy of Shakespeare, Hamlet. The lady is Ophelia who killed herself after knowing that Hamlet didn’t love her. She threw herself in a river (disputed). The whole story about her death can be read at the soliloquy of Queen Gertrude.


Still Life



       This was seated by his grandson.

       First title: A Child’s World but later changed into “Bubbles”. A special glass ball was produced to make the bubbles appear true to life..


Blind Girl





King Lear and Cordelia

And my favorite among all of his painting:


Sophia Grey

       There are still a lot of his portrait to be discovered. Hope you like it! 🙂 kawaii!


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