Yeah. Books, I love them.. 🙂

Isabelle Tudor

       Most probably, no one ever read my post but I will gladly share here the books I am currently reading!

       As of now, I have 6 books in the bin and I don’t know how to finish them all! 😦



        I am fascinated with this book for it really intricately described the Tudor Era.. although I am quite uncertain about the author’s claim that Arthur and Catalina de Aragon did not consummate the marriage.


Praise to Ms. Friesner! I like the book, although it is not really my genre, the book is  well written (but I haven’t finished it yet!) Queen Nefertiti is such a strong willed woman! 🙂


     If you haven’t read the first installment of this book, you are missing a part of your life. Written lavishly and describing the reign of…

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